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Saturday, 5 November 2011



Saturday, 21 May 2011

Video Submissions – Next Phase in Link Wheel Creation

PBTR8A38MK74 Well, video submissions are now very efficient web marketing and SEO technique while most people simply avoid it. Having great video submitted in proper category with adequate keywords and title can make a great impact on your SEO and web promotion campaign directly. In fact, people like watching video more than reading simple content. Therefore video is a great way to convey your message successfully to your target audience. Definitely, video submission has a great potential. 

Now, come to our demo Link Wheel creation project that we are learning here. Since, it is a small link wheel we will only go for 5 video submissions but remember submit your video to the most popular video submission site like Google Video, YouTube, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, Yahoo Video etc. Submitting videos in any 5 video sites will work great in our small link wheel creation campaign. And it is an essential part as well.

Before creating the video you should have to consider some most important aspects. For instance, what will be the script, the way of presentation, language and it will be a slide show or anchor presentation, etc. Although you can arrange these all things by your own, there are lots of service providers available who can do all these things on your behalf. Now it’s on you whether you want to go with a provider or do the things by your own.

Now develop an impressive video demonstrating the services you are offering in a very clear way. Remember, there should be no uttering type voice. Voice plays an important role in video hence voice should be clear, stable and sound. 

Next, if your video is slide show then develop the images wisely, put them in a sequence and make a successful presentation. Otherwise, if there is an anchor presenting the services offered by you then try to go with an anchor that is experienced and very professional in his/her work.

Again keywords, title, category are most important. Ideal title should be catchy, having your brand name and essentially the main keyword. Now make your profiles in video submission sites I have mentioned above and submit it in appropriate category. You should also popularize it with social bookmarking and networking sites so that more and more people come and watch it.

Video submission attracts reasonable amount of traffic on your website therefore it is getting wide popularity today. And also that is the reason behind the growth of different video development and submission companies. Almost every day you can see a new video submission company on net.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Article Submission – the next step in Creating Link Wheel

Submitting articles to high PR articles submission sites is our next step. Well, I think you guys remember that this blog is the part of series where I am explaining how to create a small and successful link wheel. In link wheel, article submission is a bit different from the article submission for backlinks.

However, you will get some quality backlinks automatically when you will submit your article in these sites. But in backlinking you need to submit the article in at least 300 to 500 sites to get backlinks. And here we will need to submit the articles in only 5 sites.

While choosing the sites for submitting your articles you should go for high PR sites like Ezine, Go articles, Article dashboard etc. Constant Content and Associated Content from Yahoo are other good options as well. Here you can earn some revenue as well but these sites need very high quality content.  

Remember, you should not spin the articles. Write one unique article for each site that might have a good balance between information and promotion. As you cannot expect your article at the home page of website, try to create articles that will be listed in featured articles section at home page. It will maintain the quality of backlink.

You cannot give anchor text in content while submitting your articles in some sites like Ezine etc but these sites offer fully featured author SIG box. Here you can write something about your website and give anchor text. Give one backlink to your site and another to anyone of your blogs. Check the TOS of that particular site and if it allows more than two links in content or SIG then you should take the benefit of this opportunity and give the links for your other blogs as well.

Content should be written in perfect grammar and interesting style so that the reader would become curious about the author and finally land to your website. Now, it’s the time for social bookmarking and networking. Use all social bookmarking and networking tools you have and popularize your articles. And don’t forget to vote and rate your articles.

Well, it was article submission part in link wheel creation. Remember, it’s a short link wheel and we are just targeting to about 1000 visitors per day. You can increase the figures if you need more traffic. I will come soon with the next step for developing a complete link wheel. 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blogging – the Base of Link Wheel

Okay guys! Now everyone knows how to blog and where to blog. But do you know that blogging is a fundamental element of successful link wheels? I have discussed there in creating link wheels about the blogs in short. Here I am going to illustrate the full power of the well designed blogs and their role in link wheels. As you know creating link wheel is a good SEO strategy.

The first elementary step is to find out the sites that are offering free blogging services. It’s not a tough task – just google anything. Now analyze the results. While analyzing the results with keen eyes you will see some blogging sites at top rankings. Now, it’s the time to action. Navigate to that site and claim your brand new blog. But remember you should make at least 10 blogs on different sites. Each one might have target keyword in its name. Also give a short briefing for what the blog is. Here you should also place main keyword as well as other related keywords.

The next step is designing. Input the required details in every field so that it doesn’t look like that you are not serious. And don’t forget to put some news reels, videos, RSS feeds from other blogs, blog roll, etc in different widgets in order to keep your blog fresh and search engine friendly. But remember, all the stuffs I mentioned should be related to your target keyword.

Now post one blog on each blog. Remember content should be different and unique as well as focused on your product category. Place most of the keywords in first and second paragraphs and it should be informative as well.

Move forward and let the world know that your blogs have come into existence. Submit your blog in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. Burn the feeds and submit it to about 20 RSS submission sites. You should also use ping services for pinging your blogs. Submit your blogs in about 100 to 300 blog submission sites according to your ease. Remember more submissions means more traffic.

Now popularize your blogs with the help of efficient social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones but there are still some others that have wider reach. So you should find out and make accounts there. It’s the time to bookmark each of your blog with high PR social bookmarking sites. I will suggest you to put addthis widget on your blogs and site. It works like a handy for bookmarking and sharing purpose. You will find about 800+ sites there.

Finally, don’t forget to put backlinks on your blogs. One pointed to your site and another to next blog. I have used the blogging platforms like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, WordPress, Scribd, etc for creating the blogs. You can search other high PR sites at Google.  

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Creating Link-Wheel for Optimum Reach and Better Page Ranking

Just imagine if you can develop a cycle which would point quality backlinks to your site consistently and turn a reasonable traffic towards the site then it will certainly impact on your page ranking. A certain and cyclic order of web2.0 properties is known as link wheel. While everything is in right place then this link wheel can be a quick and tricky way to achieve the desired goals.

First of all develop a full-fledged SEO optimize website. It is the center of every link wheel, i.e. every link in link wheel will finally point to your site. Next step is to create the blogs according to your needs. Remember, the number of web2.0 properties depends upon your site’s size. For this example we will create 10 blogs and enrich each blog with at least one original article. You can place RSS feeds, News reels and links to other high PR blogs on each of your blog as well. No doubt, it works.  

Now, it’s the time to work on these blogs. Burn the feeds of each blog and submit the feeds into at least 20 to 30 RSS submission directories. Afterwards, create about 30 accounts on different social bookmarking sites and bookmark each blog. You should also submit each blog into at least 10 high PR sites. But don’t forget to place the link of your website in each blog. You can also use social networking sites to popularize these blogs. Also cross link the blogs with each other. The first part of your link wheel completes here.

Write at least 5 articles to submit on 5 different high PR article submission sites. Put your website’s link as well as one or two blog links in your SIG while submitting the articles. Again use your social bookmarking and networking accounts to bookmark these articles.

Finally come to backlinks, arrange at least 500 low PR and 200 high PR backlinks pointing your website. Submission of videos at some popular video submission sites is also an essential part of link wheel where you can put links pointing directly to your website.

Finally, with 25 articles and about 120 accounts on different websites you can complete a medium size link wheel for your site.  But do you unique articles and don’t use any software for this work so that the process would be complete White Hat. You see, the estimated time for complete link wheel is about 20 days and you will see the result within next 10 days. Means a total of one moth is enough to complete this link wheel.
Well guys, keep your eyes here. I will soon publish the high PR blog sites, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, and everything related to this link wheel in different blogs.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Integrating Web2.0 Properties with your site – Essential SEO elements

Having a website without potential visitors doesn’t worth at all. At least, net addicts should know that your URL also exists. If you don’t have enough audience then your website is good for nothing. Doesn’t matter how much attractive it is or how much good services it is serving. Web2.0 properties are gaining popularity currently as an efficient SEO technique. It doesn’t only offer quality backlinks but make your online profile equally popular.

Exposure of your website to Web2.0 properties drastically increases the popularity of your website and its visibility across the web. Here are some proficient Web2.0 properties that will help you a lot achieving the desired volume of traffic on your website.

Blogging – Having a resourceful and informative contextual blog that have plenty of information about the product you are selling is the best Web2.0 property. Let your audience read the quality content given at your blog and then redirect these visitors to your online portal. It will build your credibility and obviously increase the visitors on your site. Additionally, you will be served with quality backlinks as well. If you integrate the blog at your site then it’s also a good option because it will keep your site continuously updated. WordPress, Blogger etc are free of cost blogging platform where you can start blogging any time. Also you will find a user friendly interface there at almost every blogging platform.

Social Bookmarking – Bookmarking has always been in utmost priority of SEO professionals. Bookmark your webpage every time you update your site. For bookmarking, you will not some social descriptions about your website. Tags are also important while bookmarking your site at social bookmarking platforms. Digg, Delicious, Stumble upon, etc are some very popular social bookmarking sites where you can leave bookmarks of your site. You only have to place the bookmark button on your browser’s bookmark bar and you can easily bookmark your site frequently. If you have a good social network there then your bookmark will gain easy popularity while giving you a backlink to your site.

RSS Feeds – Distributing your feeds in the form of XML is another good SEO strategy. Atom, RSS are well known feeds and with some blogging sites like Blogger these feeds are integrated. You should also burn your feeds with feed burner sites like Google Feedburner etc. It will make your blog compatible with iPods, iPads, etc. Also you should place contextual RSS feeds on your site because fresh RSS feeds are the best source of quality content. You will receive reasonable amount of fresh content on your site automatically without having to do anything.

There are also some other equally efficient Web2.0 properties but because of the lack of space I am just giving 3 properties here. Hope the information will be beneficial for you and you will be able to attract good number of visitors on your site.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Social Networking In the Light Of SEO

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc are very popular now a day. The growing popularity of internet has converted the world into a global village and people are now very interested to know what is happening in the other part of the world. There are lots of direct benefits of these social networking sites like you can learn and understand other cultures and customs and even you can improve your profession track record with the help of these sites.

But you know there are some indirect benefits of these sites as well. Today, these sites are the powerful resources of quality backlinks and you can make your site or blog popular within a reasonable course of the time. In SEO, social networking is considered as an essential because it can generate organic as well as inorganic traffic on your website.

When you share the link of your website/blog through these sites, other people come to know that this actually exists somewhere within the web. They came across to your link, read it and if they like it they will also share it from their own social networking platform. It works like a continuous chain and your site/blog gains a wide popularity easily. But it generates only inorganic traffic.

As everybody knows that social networking sites have excellent page rakings and bots love these sites. Hence placing your links in these sites generates quality backlinks for you that help a lot in generating organic traffic and increasing the page raking.  Additionally, if someone places your link in his own web page with good ranking you will get some more quality backlinks easily. And of course! All these things come free of cost.
Along with these sites you can also utilize other quite beneficial buzz sites like Google Buzz, Yahoo Buzz, etc. Social bookmarking is another good technique to increase the page ranking. Bookmarking with Digg, Delicious, Stumble, and other popular social bookmarking tools leaves a great impact on your page ranking while bots crawl the web page.

But for doing so, you might have a wider social network across the web.